Commentary: Putin Sees Syria as Fight Against Islamist Extremism – SPIEGEL ONLINE

This is an excellent and thoughtful article from Spiegel Online. It’s a MUST READ article, in my view.

Commentary: Putin Sees Syria as Fight Against Islamist Extremism – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

This article focuses once again on the rebels in Syria.

Let me turn it to an open question:

Why should the West support Islamist extremists in Syria?


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  2. The West should not support them at all because what they want is nothing less than a Global Caliphate stretching from Saudi Arabia all across the world.
    They are funded by Wahibis in Saudi Arabia which is a country funding the building of mosques and the stirring up of terrorists all over the world.
    Those terrorists will one day turn on us and the rest of the democratic world and as their birthrate is so much higher than the birthrate in the developed world they will in future years outnumber us.
    To deal with the contageon we need to look at the feudal regimes of the Middle Eastern oil sheiks and either reform them or replace them with secular Governments.
    By trying to topple the odious Bashir Assad and effect regime change in Iran and eventually Russia ,North Korea and China we are hastening the growth of the Caliphate which Saudi Arabia and Qatar want as well as assisting Turkey which wants to recreate a secular version of its old Sultanate and become a member of the EC.
    We need Russia and China to act as a counterweight to these Caliphate creating ambitions in their own countries through a sensible balance of power which is sufficiently durable to prevent major wars,particularly in the Middle East,the Balkans,the South China Sea and the Arctic and Antarctic regions.
    Policymakers within the PNAC,the UK,France and Israel need to think more carefully about this bigger emerging picture which has the potential to cause much more harm to our interests than a Bashir Assad or a troublesome Iran could ever cause.

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