Wake up, William Hague – change is in the air and we must respond -Peter Obone – Telegraph

English: William Hague at the U.S. Deptartment...

English: William Hague at the U.S. Deptartment of State (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is an excellent, MUST READ, article by the Telegraph’s Chief Political Correspondent, Peter Obone. Check it out!


Wake up, William Hague – change is in the air and we must respond


Personally, I agree with Peter Obone that William Hague’s performance has been unsatisfactory. I would cite different evidence than Peter Obone. I would refer to the UK’s reduced status in the World, since Hague has been Foreign Secretary; look to the evidence in relations with China, Russia, the US, the EU, and the Middle East. Peter Obone correctly cites that the Foreign Office has failed to take up its historical mantle, letting major decisions be taken by the Cabinet with the Foreign Office rubber-stamping matters. Certainly, David Cameron has made some huge foreign policy blunders. I agree with Peter Obone that a stronger, more effective Foreign Secretary would have resigned long ago.


Last night I was watching the BBC World Service TV, reporting on the terrorist incident in the shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. I watched Kenya’s Interior Minister on TV thanking the foreign powers for helping with the crisis, including forensic investigation; I was expecting to hear Israel and the US mentioned and was a bit surprised at Germany. BUT I was stunned when the UK were not mentioned.


I am a keen follower of current affairs and genuinely believe that the World has entered a new period of multi-polar relations, with China and Russia exerting more influence.  It seem that the period of US hegemony is over under President Obama’s leadership. With the ascendancy of China and Russia, along with the decline of the US, the UK and France are being squeezed. Meanwhile, Angela Merkel’s Germany is quietly increasing Germany’s strategic role.


William Hague seems to have been a political poodle, cowering to the US or stronger personalities at Cabinet.


However, I disagree with Peter Obone on William Haig’s cautious response to friendly overtures from Iran. I think that William Haig is right to look for further evidence in a genuine shift in Iranian policy.


Any thoughts?



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  1. Dr Alf expresses surprise at the UK not being mentioned by Kenya’s Interior Minister in the aftermath of the latest terrorist atrocity in a shopping mall in Nairobi.

    He also expresses surprise at the mention of Chancellor Merkel’s Germany.

    I am not surprised at all, and not just because of the lack-luster performance of the UK’s Foreign Secretary, William Hague.

    The Kenyans see, as does everyone else, that the UK is a nation in decline, being badly mismanaged and which has pretensions to grandeur far beyond its resources.

    We (the UK) are a nation which cannot even afford a coastal protection vessel and, as far as Kenya is concerned, we are the nation deeply embedded with Saudi Arabia which is the sponsor of the Wahibi sect which funds people in Al Qaeda and its offshoots Al Shabab.

    The so called “White Widow”, married to one of the 7/7 bombers should have been caught by MI6 or by an SAS death squad and been dispatched with a “double tap”, yet she was seen running around the Westgate shopping mall issuing orders to gunmen shooting ordinary people going about their business. An operation of that kind requires money, a supply-chain and the involvement of a lot of people, where was the intelligence? Where was the ability to hack into encrypted e mails? Where was the Humint(human intelligence)?

    If we put this down to incompetence and bad luck, then that makes our British Foreign Secretary incompetent and as the redoubtable Peter Obone says, this isn’t the first time with Hague who lies, dissembles, lectures and hectors, as if we had the ability to make people do things or were so clean that we could take the moral high ground. He takes his cue from David Cameron a man who does the same and who insults those we need to do business with about human rights.

    The Chinese already regard most Western leaders,except Angela Merkel as “children playing in a sandpit” and just 2 weeks ago, they signed a massive aid and trade deal with Kenya to exploit its newly found oil, coal, rare earths and mineral deposits.

    William Hague cannot offer anything the Kenyans want, or need, and is Foreign Secretary for a country which cannot pay its way or control its own borders, so if I were that Kenyan Interior Minister I would not be mentioning the UK either.

    The Russians, through one of their spokesmen, said that the UK was “A small offshore island that few people took notice of any more”. David Cameron gave the populist response which covered all the things we had done in the past in terms of inventions and the creation of the protocols which formed the basis of the internet. All of that is well and good but people are interested in what you did yesterday and what you are going to do today and more importantly, what you will do tomorrow.

    Past glories do not pay today’s bills and dwelling on them too much makes you look irrelevant and out of date.

    The Kenyan Interior Minister was right to snub Hague and by implication those who control him.
    We should remove him and his master and replace them with people of stature and wisdom who put our interests first and work unceasingly for the prosperity and welfare of the UK. This rather than trying to sell the rest of the world a magic story based on smoke and mirrors, self delusion and resting on laurels long past their sell by date.

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