Ed Miliband is no more ‘red’ than the Tony Blair that won the 1997 general election – Comment – Voices – The Independent

This is an excellent, MUST READ, article by Andrew Adonis in the Independent. Check it out!

via Ed Miliband is no more ‘red’ than the Tony Blair that won the 1997 general election – Comment – Voices – The Independent.

For me, Ed will always be red, until he proves otherwise, with clear policy statements not airy fairy motherhood statements. The media will simply return to “Red Ed” because it rhymes and will sell newspapers.

I accept that there is a case to challenge the energy companies but what about other areas of UKbig-business” that are not pulling their weight? Let me put this as an open question:

English: Ed Miliband, British politician

English: Ed Miliband, British politician (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What policies should the Labour party manifesto contain to effectively regulate UK’s big-business including the following sectors, banking, energy, media, communications, retailing, healthcare, outsourcing, recruitment, consulting etc?

Any thoughts?

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  1. Dr Alf poses an interesting question about Ed Miliband, who like David Cameron was appointed to his role by the Bilderberg Group who decide these things years before these people ever get public exposure or get voted for.

    Yesterday, in a moment of madness, I listened to the whole of Ed Miliband’s speech on television.
    Soundbites like “Britain can do better than this” are meaningless when the solutions offered are contingent on the small print “We won’t do anything we cannot afford”.

    Doing 10% of the things mentioned in that speech could not be done without extra money from somewhere and exports, sovereign wealth, inward investment and enterprise were not mentioned.

    The world was going to beat a path to our door, people were not going to be forced to “a race to the bottom” by working longer hours and of course our lack of productivity was not mentioned either.
    Yesterday I described Cameron, Osborne and Hague as the UK’s version of the “Three Stooges”, Miliband when he said “I decided that I was the best person to lead the country” “this caused trouble in my family but I wanted to do the right thing”, after stopping his own brother David from gaining the Labour Leadership, is self delusional and effectively a 4th Stooge.

    The master of Stooges in Waddeston Manor,the eminence grise behind them all, must be pleased.

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