MoD study sets out how to sell wars to the public | UK news | The Guardian

Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Defence (Photo credit: Light Bit)


This is a powerful and emotive story reported in the Guardian. For me, it’s a MUST READ article this weekend. Check it out!


via MoD study sets out how to sell wars to the public | UK news | The Guardian.


Personally, I am uncomfortable with the proposals from the MOD “think-tank”.


Let me turn this to an open question:


Is it morally right to outsource military adventures overseas to mercenaries, rather than the more effectively regulated national defense forces?


Any thoughts?



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  1. Dr Alf’s open question is already being superceeded by events.

    This is because the UK already has a number of private companies employing mercenaries, which are outside of the scope of Parliamentary oversight, the Geneva Convention and the rule of law.
    The MOD and the Ministers they report to already under-fund our armed forces and are in flagrant breach of the so called “Military Covenant”.

    This because:

    –50% of the rough sleepers in the country are ex forces people

    –Local authorities do not give ex forces personnel housing priority and they are not given jobseeking priority either when they are discharged

    –The true reasons for going to war are not given to the public who pay for them or the troops who fight them(Iraq and Afghanistan)

    –Equipment is often insufficient (remember Gordon Brown and the body armor problem in Afghanistan)

    The public has lost trust in politicians and in the MOD so de-emphasizing military funerals is not going to win it back.

    Doubtless the wars we fight using mercenaries will not be publicized and will be funded “off balance sheet” like HMRC’s Mapely Steps deal for its own buildings, so no-one will know and the Guardian will not be able to report what it doesn’t know about.

    The Americans have a better solution that we cannot afford which is DARPA, idea of emptying the future battlefields of men and replacing them all with Terminator style killing robots, drones, storming robots and automated ships within 25 years.

    Only armies of occupation and secret wars will be fought by mercenaries re-branded as “Security Consultants” in the form of XE or deniably by people from bodies like “Executive Outcomes”.

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