Alastair Campbell savages Mail editor over Miliband slur | Politics | The Guardian

Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband (Photo credit: ARCHIVED Department of Energy and Climate Change)

This is a deeply worrying, MUST-READ story, reported in the the Guardian, seriously questioning the integrity of the Daily Mail’s reporting.

Alastair Campbell savages Mail editor over Miliband slur | Politics | The Guardian.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have serious doubts about the quality and capability of the current UK political leaders. However, I was deeply impressed and encouraged when UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, and London Mayor went to the aid of Labour Leader, Ed Miliband, arguing that he had a right to defend his late father’s name.

Let me turn this to an open question:

Was Alistair Campbell right to accuse that “the Daily Mail is the worst of British values posing as the best”?

Any thoughts?

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  3. Dr Alf has posed a very important question which transcends politicians and applies to us all.
    What the Daily Mail is doing is disgraceful in this instance because they are seeking to show that Ed Miliband is exactly like his father and that his father hated Great Britain.

    Ed Miliband’s father is dead and cannot answer for himself.

    We have no way of knowing what his father really thought because we did not know him, speak to him or engage with him.

    The Daily Mail and its reporters today can report on his speeches but that is not the same as knowing him.

    Ed Miliband has to be judged on his own merits or otherwise and the things he says and does.
    Whilst I and many people in the country find him to be vacuous, useless, economically illiterate, out of touch, contemptuous of ordinary people trying to make money, a quasi Socialist and certainly not Prime Ministerial material, his father’s memory should be left out of the equation.

    Whilst within his personality as there are in all of us, bits of the personalities of our parents and even grandparents he is not a clone of his father as the photograph of the two of them in the mail shows.
    The Guardian and Alaistair Campbell are, of course, being over sanctimonious because Alaistair Campbell was the “eminence grise” along with Tony Blair about the “Dodgy Dossier” which preceded the Iraq War which was illegal and cost 775,000 Iraqi dead, £3 billion gbp in economic damage, 1 million refugees, many of our young fighting men killed and maimed.

    He is a demonstrable peddler of nonsense whose word is at best suspect.

    The Guardian,should have mounted its own defencs of Ed Miliband since they support him but they should not have used Alaistair Campbell as he would be, in a courtroom situation, deemed to be an unreliable witness.

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