Britain should not take its credit status for granted – Kenneth Rogoff –

Economic Counsellor Kenneth Rogoff

Economic Counsellor Kenneth Rogoff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent, MUST READ article by Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff. Check it out!

via Britain should not take its credit status for granted –

I am normally a bit wary of the views of Kenneth Rogoff since the austerians in Washington, London and Berlin placed too much emphasis on his research which last year was discredited with a critical spreadsheet error.

However, Kenneth Rogoff is one of the World’s leading economists and I am seriously encouraged when he concluded (quoted directly from FT):

I am certainly not arguing that the UK or other advanced countries handled the post-crisis period perfectly. There should have been more infrastructure spending, even more aggressive monetary policy and probably more ruthless bank restructuring. But there has to be a balance between stimulus and stability.

For me, there is still an overwhelming case for policy-makers in London and Berlin to stimulate demand with top quality  infrastructure spending (I would normally argue the same for Washington but it’s meaningless with the current standoff between President Obama and the Republican Party’s Tea-Partyists).

Any thoughts?

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