BBC News – Business in Wales must tap into emerging markets, says trade group

This is a truly amazing, MUST READ article reported by the BBC on the latest initiative from the Welsh Government. Check it out!

via BBC News – Business in Wales must tap into emerging markets, says trade group.

For me, this article sums up what really bad about UK bureaucracy and the bias of the BBC.

Wales is full of unemployment and people with the wrong skills. Why are they wasting money learning Welsh, rather than Spanish, Mandarin or German? Why are the Government not encouraging skilled Welsh workers to learn German and be guest workers in Germany?

Why can’t the BBC and the Welsh Government see the folly in this article?

Personally, I am not sure who comes out worse from this article the BBC or the Welsh Government?

Any thoughts?

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  2. Dr Alf wonders why the BBC and the Welsh Government are not doing more to promote exports to the wider world and he rails at their collective folly.
    In fairness to the Welsh Government ,they have tried to encourage inward investment from India,China,Brazil and places outside of the EC but they need to raise their game massively.
    Welsh as a language is only spoken by 20% of Welsh people which is 600,000 people,so as a language it is useless for exporting,employability abroad and Wales paying its way.
    Personally I would never have allowed devolution with its costly Parliaments and Assemblies and Welsh and Gaelic are languages that belong in a museum and should have no place in schools.
    Now they are an expensive and unnecessary fact of life.
    The top languages in order of importance other than English are Mandarin,Arabic,Brazilian Portuguese followed by Spanish and possibly German for people planning to operate in Europe.
    The BBC could be playing its part in imparting these language skills but does nothing except overpay its useless presenters and create dumbed down programming such as “Strictly Come Dancing”,”East Enders” and endless repeats.
    The licence fee should be abolished and the BBC made to earn its way through subscription.
    The Welsh ,particularly their “Taffia” ruling elite,need a wake up call via the abolition of the Barnett Formula.
    Then they would be forced to deal with reality and start paying their way without subsidies.
    Will this happen anytime soon.?
    It is most unlikely because the average English taxpayer does not know the true cost of the Barnett Formula.

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