Opinion – Failure on immigration will cost the Tories dear – Telegraph – John Gelmini

English: Enoch Powell

English: Enoch Powell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is right, the failure to control immigration by the Coalition will be punished by the electorate even though the policies of 3 the main political parties are all the same.

Peter Sutherland of the Bilderberg Group formulated the policy of “porous open borders” which all Bilderberg participants secretly sign up to.

These participants can be seen on the official Bilderberg website and normally include all the Prime Ministers and Presidents of EU countries, EFTA countries, the US President and plutocrats from business and commerce such as Peter Thiel of PayPal, Bill and Melinda Gates,the BBC ,which attends but never reports,the FT which attends but never reports,the Economist which attends but never reports and the heads of most major banks.

Porous open borders are the reason for the incomplete implementation of E-Borders in the UK,the fiddling of the immigration figures first discovered by the late Enoch Powell MP,the reason for the Home Office dys-functionality and the reason why the Americans allow illegal immigration from Mexico into their country.

Officially our political elite want secure borders and controlled immigration,unofficially they are pursuing a deliberate policy which is the opposite.

The evidence for this in the UK is :
–19 million spare NI numbers which can still be bought in down market pubs
–The practice of allowing rogue mosques to sell passports and new identities to new congregants and the failure of the police and the Charity Commission and HMRC to ever take action
–5 million illegal immigrants as evidenced by school admissions of children of undocumented parents, food sales beyond what the indigenous population could possibly eat, large denomination notes and coins in circulation exceeding the allotment for the official population of 63 million people in the UK
–The use by rogue agricultural gangmasters of brutal methods of near slavery and indentured servitude on hapless illegal immigrants from Eastern Europe who now do the work of picking supermarket fruit and vegetables in East Anglia but for the most part are left alone by the authorities because they know the indigenous population are incapable and unwilling to do the work.

In places like Italy much of the work done by local people in the way of traditional farming is now done by migrants from the 3rd world.

Thus in my late father’s village of Pralboino in Brescia there used to be a population of 3000 people in 2009. Now (2013)it is 4000 and 1800 of them are Punjabis, Sri Lankans, Africans and South Asians


Probably nothing short of a return to “Midsomer” with no black,brown or Oriental faces to be seen anywhere.


No, but at some point within the next 20 years I can envisage a Civil War as we saw in Bosnia or failing that all the average Englishman or indigenous inhabitant of these islands has to do is look at Bradford, Leicester,parts of Luton and Tower Hamlets.

There he or she can see “The Ghost of Christmas Future” which will be a quasi alien land run as a Medaeval Caliphate with burqua clad woman outnumbering those in Western dress.

Certainly, the way things are going the idea of “ladies bicycling down leafy lanes,”church bells ringing on Sunday at Anglican churches,pubs selling warm beer and red pillar boxes will become a distant memory which I will be able to recapture by looking at the stored photographic record from my smartphone whilst residing elsewhere.

John Gelmini

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