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I should like to thank Dr Alf for giving me the opportunity to comment on this read only OECD Report on healthcare and his open question, the answer to which is not immediately obvious.

First of all, OECD healthcare systems are based on the old premise of doctors knowing best and ministering to the sick and afflicted or those that might become so afflicted.

Thus, the dysfunctional NHS, in the UK, is run by “healthcare professionals”, who know best and is supplied by a drug industry focused on making huge profits on the basis that a single pill or combination can get to the root of the problem as a latter-day version of a “magic bullet” to fix the problem.

Increased medical advances in these areas, have led to a situation where people who in the past would have died are then left to live in a state where they require more and more treatment and live long enough to make them economic burdens on those who are still well and working.

Officially, Governments are in favor of these medical advances but unofficially they are terrified of the consequences of being overwhelmed by the current triple epidemics of diabetes, dementia and cancer.

Evidence based healthcare would see:

–Bisphenol A banned as a carcinogen, as gender bending and as diabetes and heart attack creating

–Education on the risks of drinking alcohol on an empty stomach–It is used as a hardening agent for plastics and as a coating on till rolls and the insides of tins used for food

Vitamin B17 put into all our pre packaged foods

–Sugar and salt content reduced in all processed foods

–Variable taxes on foods to encourage healthy eating

–Aspartame banned since it turns to formaldehyde in the body once ingested and was used by the Pentagon as a biological warfare agent supplied by a company in which Donald Rumsfeld was a director(It is present in Coca Cola, a range of soft drinks and even as a sweetener and sugar substitute)

–Fluoride should be banned because it leads to dementia and lowers IQ by 20%(The Nazis were the first to use it in their concentration and death camps to make the inmate populations more malleable and docile)

–No electricity pylons within 1 kilometer of a house because this causes cancer(Banned in Russia for over 50 years but still allowed in the UK whose NHS says “There is insufficient evidence”)

–No houses built within a 2 kilometer radius of an airport or aircraft flight path.
This because Antimony in the aircraft fuel causes dementia

–Trees built around all industrial parks motorways and major roads to clean the air because prolonged exposure to road traffic fumes causes dementia

–People being educated to be responsible for their own health

–Doctors paid to keep people well and to look for multiple causes of affliction as is the practice of Chinese doctors

–Tai Chi prescribed for arthritic patients rather than pain killers

Diet, exercise, enabling personal philosophies and activity such as learning a language prescribed for those who claim to be bored,depressed,”blue” or otherwise disaffected with life

–People encouraged to watch less television,play fewer computer games and make more friends

–Traditional marriage promoted in the tax system and for its proven benefits in relation to health and longevity(Living alone and engaging in bizarre and unusual sexual practices are a recipe for early death and various afflictions)

–Aluminium banned for use as cooking foil, saucepans, baking powder and deodorant as it, over long periods leads to dementia

Governments are not going to provide evidence based medicine because powerful lobbies in the drug, power, fertilizer, chemicals, brewing, aircraft, energy generation, chemicals and food industries are not going to let them.

This is apart from the City of London and Wall Street who invest in these companies and have no wish to see people living to age 130 (the prospective lifespan of a baby born in a OECD country today based on just the current rate of medical advance but barring a war or natural disaster)

John Gelmini

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