John Kerry & William Haig Worst Foreign Secretaries in a Generation? – John Gelmini

John Kerry

John Kerry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: William Hague at the U.S. Deptartment...

English: William Hague at the U.S. Deptartment of State (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf has correctly identified the two contenders for the worst Foreign Secretaries that America and the UK has been unlucky enough to be saddled with for a very long time.

The name of “Bonesman” (Member of Yale University’sSkull and Bones Society“), John Kerry and William Hague, the former dwarf-like, McKinsey consultant, need to be put forward to the Guinness Book of Records forthwith, so that they can be included in the next edition of that unique publication.


In both cases, there seems to be a serious disconnect between the words they utter, and actual events on the ground whether it is Syria, Palestine, Iraq, China, South Korea, Europe or events in Africa.

This is partially due to blatant bias and continual misreporting of World events by the BBC and by certain American news-channels but in all cases the truth is obscured by these so called Foreign Secretaries not correcting the misinformation and in many cases repeating it.

By comparison,  Sergai Lavrov in Russia is informed, very well briefed, very experienced and frighteningly direct when he wants to be.

Little wonder then that the Chinese regard the Wests’ leaders and spokespersons on foreign affairs as “children playing in a sandpit”.

Russia has its own views but it is clear to anyone with eyes to see that we are disadvantaged in our global affairs by fielding bumbling amateurs led by weak and vacillating leaders, like Obama, Cameron, Hollande, who are individually and collectively not up to the job.

We need as “the Donald”, puts it, tough, very smart people who understand realpolitik, have been around the block several times and who are informed and accomplished negotiators, statesmen and stateswoman who command respect.

People like Angela Merkel and Sergei Lavrov have that sort of gravitas and command respect wherever they go.

We in the UK, once had people like Harold MacMillan to represent the country but now we have a perpetually holiday-making, Angry Birds playing, sorry excuse for a Prime Minister.

America has produced many great Presidents but Obama is not one of them, so what we see is a

of these important roles at precisely the time when we need much better people to be dealing with Xi Ping, Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of India and other up and coming nations with which we have to compete.

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