UK Obesity: Is it time for obese people to pay for NHS treatments caused by their obesity?

English: NHS logo

English: NHS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obesity Campaign Poster

Obesity Campaign Poster (Photo credit: Pressbound)


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Theresa May is proposing to charge health visitors for the cost of non-emergency medical cover on the NHS, so with the NHS in a state of terminal decline, perhaps it’s time for the NHS to charge for other specialized services?

Obesity in the UK is taking an increasing share of NHS budgets; surely, that’s not fair to people who take care of their diet and health?

Similarly, alcohol abuse is another enormous cost to the NHS. Why should those who drink  alcohol in moderation be penalized? Perhaps, it’s time to also time for the NHS to charge for treatment caused directly by alcohol abuse?

Any thoughts?


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  3. The fatties should definitely have to pay into a special NHS fund, if only to support clinical staff with back injuries caused by having to lift the pie addicts in and out of bed manually because they exceed the safe working load of the hoist equipment!

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