What’s Trending on EU Approval of Fructose as Healthy? – ex Storify

Hereditary fructose intolerance

Hereditary fructose intolerance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My most popular blog yesterday was a reblog of a Guardian article on this incredible story.

So this morning, I thought that I would use Storify to see what was trending as the story developed:


I wonder when the media will identify the lady with the enormous posterior, allegedly brought about by fructose?

On a more serious note, for me, the EU is, once again, seriously out of touch with real people. These are the same arrogant people at the EU who have destroyed family life in Southern Europe with excessive austerity. Meanwhile, Eurocrats are protected by gold-standard pensions and allowances, as well as salaries higher than public sector employees back home.

Surely, it’s time for Europe’s voters to hold the EU to task for their ineffective performance?

Any thoughts?

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  3. Dr Alf thinks that the Guardian has published an incredible story on Frutcose.

    He is right to be angry and possibly perplexed but the EU did not make the decision.

    His understandable ire should be directed to where it really belongs at the guilty men and woman in the shadows.

    The decision was made by the Alimentarius Commission a body which meets in secret and was created at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to assure food quality.

    During the last century, this body was hijacked by the chemical and seed companies including Monsanto and now issues directives to the EU, the UK and America concerning sugar and salt content in food, vitamin supplementation, which vitamins are present or not present in food,which chemicals are used in packaging materials, the physical environment, fertilisers, till rolls and whar recommended daily allowances for minerals should be in processed foods.

    The Commission issues its directives (it recently met in Berlin) and these then become EU food directives.

    In this country (UK), it means we now have the fattest woman in Western Europe, the 4th fattest men, 1 person in 2.5 getting cancer and the lowest life expectancy in Western Europe other than Greece.

    Part of the reason for this has been the removal of vitamin B17 from the Western diet (with Vitamin B17 in sufficient quantity the incidence of cancer is practically zero which is why the Hunzas in what was once Soviet Central Asia live to be 140 years old).

    Ordinary people need to take the trouble to inform themselves about the Alimentarius Commission and about:
    –Mechanically recovered meat
    –E Numbers
    –Bisphenol A
    –Vaccine contents and their effects
    –Carcinogens in goods and the built environment
    –Anti Ageing

    Just relying on your GP, within the UK’s NHS is not enough, you have to do your own research and take a lot more responsibility for your health and the health of your loved ones.

    Whilst this won’t stop the machinations of the Alimentarius Commission, it will give you at least some control over your fate, the rate at which you aid and your health during your allotted span on this earth.

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