Why Only Republicans Can Save Us From the Tea Party | Ten Miles Square | The Washington Monthly

English: Peerialism as the odd middle part bet...

English: Peerialism as the odd middle part between right and left wing politics. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a thoughtful and important article by Curtis Gans, published in the Washington Monthly. I would recommend this as a MUST READ article. Check it out!

via Why Only Republicans Can Save Us From the Tea Party | Ten Miles Square | The Washington Monthly.

Sadly, as I dwell on right-wing politics in the US, my mind wandered to the views of right-wing politics more generally. On the other hand, I am equally wary of left-wing extremism.

What ever happened to the one-nation conservatives?

Any thoughts?

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  3. This article brought to our attention by Dr Alf seems reasonable enough but it also completely misses the point.

    For many years now politics in America and for that matter the UK has been dominated by what is effectively a tiny elite who on closer examination have no real differences between them other than matters of degree.

    When I lived in America, the debt ceiling was raised time and time again and the same has happened now.
    Both the Republicans and the Democrats claim to want sound money but the reality is the bankers and those behind them have been plundering money from the system and from taxpayers for years.

    Both claim not to want foreign wars and both claim to want to make people prosperous.

    The reality has been more wars, more interference and more prosperity for a very few with job losses, financial penury and falling living standards for the rest.

    Both claim to want to reach rapprochement with China but both have spokespersons who pontificate and fail to get to grips with what needs to be done.

    President Obama came in offering “hope and change” and less overseas military adventurism than George W Bush. He delivered no hope, no change and more wars, drone strikes and death and destruction than his predecessor, not that the Republicans would have been any better.

    In a real sense, it matters little who sits in the White House, or heads up the Republican Party because they are effectively controlled by the Council for Foreign Relations, which has just 4 people sitting in control of it, and which in turn answer to the Royal Institute of Strategic Studies in London who in turn answer to their masters.

    The Tea Party is a useful scapegoat onto which “all the sins of the people” can be heaped. The trouble is there is no desert to send them into like the original “scapegoats” of Old Testament” times.

    JRR Tolkien in his book the Lord of the Rings borrowed heavily from the ancient Norse legends when he came up with the idea of a Dark Lord called Sauron and a place called Mordor.

    Like Hollywood film producers and those who finance their films he was giving us all a message which was to look not at the person carrying the ring but to the person who forged it in the first place and whose power and thoughts were infused into it.

    That means looking closely at where the power lies, the flow of money into these political parties, who sent the money and the motives of those in real control.

    Railing at the messenger (criticizing Boehner, Obama or the Tea Party etc),changes nothing nor does changing one puppet for another.

    Power will still be exercised abusively, and no matter how many times the “stage” has its scenery changed the “play” always ends up with the villain winning.

    Thus the people, despairing of the existing order of things will always be willing to join new political parties created deliberately to channel and dissipate their justified anger in meaningless protest which alters nothing.

    What will change things is people becoming better informed, finding their voice, waking up and thinking/acting for themselves.

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