My top ten blogs – last week

I thought that it would be interesting to share a list of my top ten blogs last week, ranked by numbers of hits (with the most popular first):

  1. How the world reported the OECD skills survey | OECD Insights Blog
  2. Hillary Clinton, Welcome to the White House –
  3. Chancellor of the Exchequer, in China (with images, tweets) · hmtreasury · Storify
  4. Obesity experts appalled by EU move to approve health claim for fructose | Society | The Guardian
  5. Betrayal of elderly on social care costs – Telegraph
  6. Why Only Republicans Can Save Us From the Tea Party | Ten Miles Square | The Washington Monthly
  7. Government shutdown: what’s really going on – and who’s to blame? | World news |
  8. Opinion: George Osborne’s e-trade visit to China aims to repair damage of Cameron’s meeting with Dalai Lama |ex The Observer – John Gelmini
  9. Opinion – Betrayal of elderly on social care costs ex Telegraph – John Gelmini
  10. ‘Dutch sandwich’ grows as Google shifts €8.8bn to Bermuda –

Personality, I struggle to find common threads but here are a few themes that came to mind:

  • Lame-duck leaders
  • Fear of being left behind internationally
  • Spread of political extremism
  • Ineffectiveness of the EU’s bureaucracy
  • Healthcare’s growing crisis
  • Polarized society, with the seriously wealthy and large corporations increasingly powerful and avoiding paying tax

Let me turn this to an open question:

What do you think are the most important threads emerging from last week’s news?

Any thoughts?

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