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With over five thousand followers, I am opening up my blog, very selectively to guest bloggers.

Many readers will know that John Gelmini has been a regular guest blogger. Yesterday, I featured a posting from John on why he become a guest blogger.

I have from time to time published other guest blogs where I have particularly identified with the content. Sometimes when people write a response to a blog, I invite them to develop their views in a blog.

Writing a guest blog allows you to concentrate on what what you want to say, without being pre-occupied by technology and web marketing. Typically, draft articles are screened by me, edited, with color photos and graphics added to enhance their appeal, plus, of course, adding the most appropriate hyperlinks and hot words.

The Dr Alf blog features four key areas about which I am passionate. This includes:

  1. People
  2. Politics
  3. Networking, and
  4. Travel

I am happy, within reason, to promote your business or brand, provided that you have unique content. In terms of weighting I would expect to give 90% to the unique posting and less than 10% to the individual marketing; remember we can hyperlink to your own web links, if appropriate. My blog covers both original and secondary material; in the case of secondary material, it provides a rich source of other people’s views to critique, challenge or improve etc.

If you are interested in writing a quality guest blog, why don’t you post your contact details below?

Dr Alf

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