Opinion: Zimbabwe poachers kill 80 elephants ex theguardian.com -John Gelmini



Original caption: President of Zimbabwe Robert...

Original caption: President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe listens as Prof. Alpha Oumar Konare, chairman of the Commission of the African Union, addresses attendees at the opening ceremony of the 10th Ordinary Session of the Assembly during the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As Dr Alf and others know, the Zimbabwean regime is a corrupt and disgraceful dictatorship run by Robert Mugabe,a man who got into power through our machinations via Lord Carrington, but is now propped up by the Chinese Government who want his copper.


Zimbabwe is a country which is badly run and which probably deliberately allowed the poisoning of these helpless elephants for profit.


Short of assassinating President Mugabe and replacing him in an armed coup I see no solution to this senseless slaughter because other African leaders are not prepared to bring that country out of the dark ages and into the modern world.


A possible solution might be the complete cessation of overseas aid to make countries like Zimbabwe put their houses in order,  but now all that would happen is that our aid would be replaced with Chinese soft loans.
Of course, Robert Mugabe is very old and at some point the grim reaper will get him unless we adopt the Milosovic solution which was to poison him so that he could not testify at the Hague against certain well known politicians.


John Gelmini 



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