Opinion: Watch out for the rise of a European Tea Party – Gideon Rachman – FT.com -John Gelmini

Dr Alf has summed it up neatly.Gideon Rachman is perhaps being watchful on behalf of persecuted minorities who might again find themselves on the wrong end of a jackboot?

Although some conspiracy theorists and fundamentalist Christian sects talk about a “Future Fuehrer” who will unite Europe before Armageddon I see no immediate evidence for his arrival at the head of a European style “Tea Party”.

Currently, in Europe, we have an eclectic bunch of Right Wing politicians, each pursuing unique agendas, such as Geert Wilders in Holland, Umberto Bossi and Mussolini’s daughter in Italy, Nick Griffin of the BNP in the UK and Le Pen’s daughter in France.

As yet, things have got to get a lot worse than they are now before a demagogue with rabble rousing capability can find his voice and pick out a single /multiple group to blame and then unite everyone under one party.

John Gelmini

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