Opinion: UK military strategy and agenda of bean-counters at MOD – John Gelmini

Dr Alf is right but the agenda of the “bean counters” at the MOD is not their own but part of a much bigger plan formulated at Bilderberg and CFR meetings but disliked by military men which is to turn the UK Tri Forces into a “plug and play ” component of the American military without making the UK the 52nd State.

We (in the UK) will not be told that this is the plan but as NATO enlarges to include more countries the practical effect will be precisely as I describe.

At the same time, we will be a “plug and play” component of a European army and navy which is why we are co-operating with the French and not producing our own aircraft carriers with aircraft.

Soon we will be out of Germany (.ie. no more BAOR), the military housing stock left will be sold off to developers.

Next the RAF will be abolished and subsumed into the Army Air Corps, and instead of regular soldiers, we will have a mixture of reservists (not enough people are coming forward), outsourced mercenary forces along the lines of mini XEs, and if things become difficult,conscription.

A country of the UK’s size, without robots and space based weapons, Tesla cannon and no coastal protection vessel, cannot in this day and age defend itself without a Tri-Forces of 250,000 men and woman under arms.

This is not just my view but that of military people who over the years have shared their thoughts with me whilst keeping to their oaths of secrecy about their essential work.

Therefore, as our Tri Forces are below 100,000 men and woman under arms we cannot defend ourselves without the help of others which leaves us in a very dangerous position despite the assurances of politicians.

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Opinion: BBC bias and revoking TV licence fee – John Gelmini

Dr Alf poses an interesting hypothetical question but the reality is that the BBC is incapable of “balanced reporting” because of the left-wing backgrounds of their reporters, editors, program makers, Director Generals and interviewers.

It is broadly favorable to the ideals of the Fabian Society, Common Purpose, the Club of Rome and the Bilderberg Conference which it attends each year but never reports on.

The licence fee is an anachronism and the BBC’s output far from being the best in the world is increasingly vacuous and trivial whilst the organisation is bloated, full of grossly overpaid people in non jobs or possessed of no talent.

In addition, it is overstaffed and favors closet socialists, like Miliband, who like the idea of a muzzled press and a cheerleader for the Labour Party.

The BBC which is incapable of meaningful reform, is in daily abrogation of its charter and is run by an out of touch “Board of Governors ” and an even more out of touch “BBC Trust.

It is an outmoded institution which has had its day and which should have its licence fee revoked rather than cut as Grant Shapps suggests.

The BBC which makes boastful claims for itself should be forced to sell its services by subscription.
If the BBC is as popular as it likes to pretend then people will pay and watch/listen and if not then it will have to fund itself through advertising like other channels or go out of business.

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