China will start a war, if it does not fall apart – English

Emblem of Communist Party of China defined in ...

Emblem of Communist Party of China defined in the Party’s Constitution (2002), Article 51. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This headline in the popular Russian newspaper, Pravda, caught my attention. The article by Yuri Skidanov is WELL WORTH A READ. Check it out!

via China will start a war, if it does not fall apart – English

The article dwells on a number of risk scenarios in China but does not really consider risk mitigation nor alternative strategies. 

Personally, I am confident that the Chinese Communist Party will pave a way for China’s economic success and I am hopeful that it will be without recourse to war.

Any thoughts?

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  9. I share Dr Alf,s optimism because the Chinese have a long term strategy called “The blending of the 5 colours” which envisages all SE Asian nations and eventually India,becoming one bloc with China effectively at the helm.
    If one looks at the pace of progress in China and the extent of their economic influence in other countries within the region they are more or less on track to achieve this within 100 years.
    The Chinese are waging war by the application of soft power,by buying up Western companies,building shareholdings in them,buying land,investing in Africa and swarming out and learning our ways.
    Their military power will grow along with budgetted annual spend of 11.5% of GDP whilst ours in the West,at least on paper,shrinks.
    They are rational and farsighted people and are not looking for war using military forces at the present time because that would disrupt the longer term strategy which is to make countries dependent on them as the UK is doing by buying nuclear power stations from them and allowing them to own some of our water companies plus the infrastructure company that runs the London Underground.
    Whilst we saddle ourselves with wind turbines which are only effective 14% of the time,green taxes to solve Global Warming ,something which even the IPCC Report says has not happened in all the years since 1996(despite rising population),they build 7 coal fired power stations a day and nuclear power plants.
    They know that we are our own worst enemies run by people who cannot see beyond the ends of their noses and that is why Donald Trump can truthfully say that “The Chinese are eating our lunch”.
    Russia,however is in a more problematic state and could easily be destabilised via its Southern flank by its growing and very troublesome Muslim population,something that could affect the UK in fewer years than people think.

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