Opinion: Private schools are blocking social mobility via Telegraph – John Gelmini

Social Mobility speech, 18th August

Social Mobility speech, 18th August (Photo credit: Cabinet Office)

To answer Dr Alf’s question directly, the answer is “No!”

Social mobility in the UK is largely a myth, perpetuated by those who like to pretend that the UK is a meritocracy.

Social mobility for people used to come from being able to finance houses and leverage the equity in them to create wealth far greater than ordinary people could earn and it arose when there was growth in the economy and we used to make things.

Policies designed to transfer manufacturing to SE Asia to globalize trade and the advance of automation, robotics and technology combined with poor levels of dumbed-down state education have seen a net outflow of UK jobs.

This to the point where manufacturing has been reduced from 30% of economic activity to less than 10% in 35 years.

47 people are available for every vacancy and the number is rising as most of these people lack the skills to do these jobs.

A job should enable a person to buy or rent a small house, run a small used car, marry and start a family. It did in my father’s day but now the Government classifies a job as any work longer than 1 hour a week, when in reality its claims for job creation should look at the hours worked in the economy and divide those by 37.5 for a full working week based on a 220 working day year.

As we become more overpopulated, the situation will get worse as the bulk of the population are made worse off by benefit cuts, Big Business‘s moves towards a “Flexiforce” of pauperized workers on zero hours contracts, and at least 7 million people who are deemed to be “economically inactive/economically discouraged”, plus a further 9 million unemployed, sanctioned, on incapacity benefit, NEETS, in training schemes, work placements and workfare schemes.

UK PLC is being “hollowed out” with a drive to obliterate the middle classes and stop social mobility in its tracks.
All the evidence shows that it has succeeded except for those who have had the foresight to leave the country or become part of the golden circle through Freemasonry, smart thinking and exploiting situations which used to present exploitable opportunities but no longer do.

The other exception is represented by woman who have “married up” or have exploited the divorce courts by becoming what the actress Penelope Keith calls “Silver Splitters“, some of whom cruise up to 10 times a year.

John Gelmini


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