Signs of recovery abound but with little consensus on future course –

Topographic map of the United Kingdom.

Topographic map of the United Kingdom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent, MUST-READ article from the FT. Check it out!

via Signs of recovery abound but with little consensus on future course –

Surely, the reason that there is no consensus on the future course of the UK recovery is because of the absence of strategy from the Coalition Government?

Any thoughts?

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The BBC and Radical UK Healthcare Policy – John Gelmini

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the ...

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the head of Regent Street, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf has unwittingly identified the BBC for what it is, which in in my view includes, a craven mouthpiece for the interests of a trendy left wing Metropolitan elite, controlled by faceless people in the Bilderberg movement, and the Alimentarius Commission which decides what goes into or food and drink.

There are several obvious causes of obesity that NHS doctors like my own Australian GP is very keen to tell me about whenever I go to see her:



–Fat content in food

–Too much food

Lack of exercise

The BBC is quick to sack presenters before they become too fat or too old as Miriam O”Reilly the plump Countryfile presenter discovered, yet secretly it, like the Government, is not keen on the idea of people living too long and draining the Pension system dry because that would threaten the licence fee.

It is also hypocritical because it often has programs on dating /relationships in which hapless and gormless aspirant suitors are berated for their appearance, dress-sense, presentation and obesity before being supposedly transformed into svelte, Next dressed clones, appealing enough to whatever person the presenters decide they ought to meet.

Secretly it (the Government) wants people to be healthy and in work for most of their lives and then die before they get too expensive through greater morbidity.

The BBC which supposedly exists just on the licence fee, wants pretty much the same so that it can go on applying a “Poll Tax” on television viewers in order to perpetuate its existence.

This is why it misreports on health, uses product placement of food, clothing, office products, cars and furniture as a way to gain advertising revenue in breach of its Charter but never admits to doing so.

Whichever Government is in power, it seeks to mollify whilst pretending to be impartial so that this outdated and unjustified licence fee remains in place so that the BBC’s top executives can go on overpaying themselves.

Clearly a sugary drinks tax would help curb or lower the incidence of some obesity but not all of it and Dr Alf is right to ask his wider question.

The solution is multifaceted but for starters must include:

–Variable taxes on all food and drink sufficiently high as to force people to eat the right things

–Removal of excess fat,sugar and salt at the manufacturing stage with stiff penalties on food manufacturers who do not comply

–Removing E-numbers and harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A from fertiliser, the food chain, packaging,till rolls and tins

–Banning Aspartame,Fluoride and Aluminium in foodstuffs,cooking utensils ,toothpaste and deodorants

–Re introducing minimum levels of PE in all schools

–Promoting diets that work such as the 5/2 fasting diet which is now my way of life

–Stopping people from drinking on an empty stomach which causes depression and comfort eating late at night

–Making City Centres well policed car free areas like Saltzburg in Austria where people either walk in or are bussed in to the centre

–Educating the public about the benefits of walking,exercise and vitamin supplementation

–Refusing surgery to the morbidly obese,smokers and heavy drinkers until they lose weight and mend their ways

–Promoting traditional marriage in the tax system.(Married people live longest,people living alone are prone to ill health and die soonest unless they are committed spinsters)

The BBC with its very high proportion of gay employees is keen not to talk about this

–Promoting outdoor sporting activity and Tai Chi for older people along with ballroom dancing but not on that dreadful excuse for a television programme presented by Sir Bruce Forsyth who truly belongs in a museum

–Improve labelling on food and dink

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