George Osborne and tax evasion what’s trending? via Storify

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This morning I spotted that UK Chancellor, George Osborne was crowing about his record on tax evasion on his Twitter micro blog. This prompted me to use Storify to identify what was trending on George Osborne and tax evasion. Check it out below?

Looking at the Storify cited articles, there was not too much coverage from the mainstream media. Also there was not too much focus on the strategy, plan or potential windfall from tackling tax evasion.

This prompts me to offer a related open question:

Why are George Osborne and the HMRC not publishing a strategy, plan and quantifying the potential windfall from effectively tackling tax evasion of the wealthy and the multi-nationals?

Any thoughts?

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Why are mainstream media & WHO not reporting on risks of MERS-CoV killer virus?

World Health Organization Regions.

World Health Organization Regions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used Story to identify the following articles that were trending on the MERS-CoV killer virus:

Apart from Pravda, not one mainstream media source if focussing on the risks of the  MERS-CoV killer virus. Why?

Let me turn this to an open question:

Why are the mainstream media & WHO not reporting on the risks of MERS-CoV killer virus?

Any thoughts?


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