Opinion: Iain Duncan Smith has lost touch with reality on the Universal Credit – Telegraph – John Gelmini

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Dr Alf will wait in vain for Labour’s “Big Beasts” to attack Coalition policy on austerity or anything else with any credibility.

Universal Credit is a well-meant policy based on a false premise which is that benefit recipients can be inculcated with sensible middle class values of thrift, hard work and the ability to budget.

My experience of observing and sometimes interacting with some of my late father’s tenants who were benefit recipients, told me years ago that these people think differently and operate differently.

No politician, other than someone like Frank Field MP, has this sort of understanding and Lord Freud the City Grandee who originally advised Labour on welfare reform but jumped ship when he saw that Gordon Brown was un-electable also lacks this understanding.

Politicians in Westminster, including Rachel Reeves, function in a rarefied atmosphere, devoid of practicalities, such as the fact that with 47 people chasing every job and less than 3% growth there will always be unemployment and therefore always a growing number of benefit recipients.

Couple that with unfettered immigration and no control of the borders, something which occurred under successive Governments plus an education system which turns out un-competitive, non job ready blockheads at State level, you have a perfect storm of low work ethic in the indigenous population whose prospects of getting even a menial blue-collar job are close to zero.

They reason, why bother to look for work, why bother to budget, why bother to get up in the morning, why bother to apply for a council house?

To get such people to think differently you have to give them hope and you have to change the facts on the ground, not to make work pay but to create sufficient jobs in the first place that these people can actually do with the education that they have.

None of the political parties has done that in my lifetime and our State education system is now 44th in the world and our productivity 20th or 16% below the average for the G7.

Ian Duncan Smith and Atos Origin may have failed, the Coalition may have failed but I’m afraid the Labour Party and mainstream politicians have also failed.

They have failed because the system which produced them produces intellectual lightweights who lie, steal expenses, junket and in large measure, show that they live by one rule and expect others to live by another.

They have failed because real political power does not lie in their hands but lies elsewhere with people who no-one voted for and they have failed because they lack the slightest comprehension of how ordinary people think and live.

Until that changes, the UK’s population which is already 70 million people, will go on rising and the number of work less households will go on increasing.

Policies to lower benefit dependence will also go on failing because no effort sufficient to meet the scale of the problem is being made.

Listening to Rachel Reeves, Ed Balls and the rest of Her Majesty’s Opposition, I see nothing to convince me that their grasp of reality is any better, so unlike Dr Alf I think that something much more dramatic is required, along the lines of a completely different political system and a wholesale clear-out of most of our existing politicians.

A model based on Singaporean and Swiss best practice is where I would begin along with reducing the number of Civil Servants to 15000, leaving the EU, reducing the Monarchy to a bicycling one and becoming an offshore tax haven, with no further immigration other than for people with special skills and knowledge.

John Gelmini

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