Opinion: NHS couple received £1 million payoff before being given new management jobs ex Telegraph – John Gelmini



Royal Free Hospital in London

Royal Free Hospital in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What Dr Alf has identified is a situation in the NHS tantamount to corruption and malfeasance and a flagrant disregard for patients who are frequently told that no money is available for treatment or for particular drugs whilst NHS managers are terminated on Friday, paid off on Saturday and start work again on Monday hundreds of thousands of pounds richer.


We are told by Government Ministers that this is all down to an “inherited situation” from the “last Labour Government ” and that “their hands are tied”.


This is blatantly untrue because if people have manifestly failed in their roles and allowed patients to die needlessly as many NHS managers have, the correct course of action is dismissal for “industrial misconduct “, in which case all you are entitled to is a P45, the words “you are dismissed” and your marching orders.


In the case of Colchester Hospital, where managers fiddled figures and altered computer records to meet targets then instant dismissal and investigation by the Essex Police, trial and (if found guilty), jail is the right approach.


Government Ministers who sanction this sort of gravy train are beyond contempt as is David Cameron the man who is responsible for it all.


The NHS is an expensive basket case in which people who have serious illnesses are either killed off or sent home to die because the money to look after them properly is being wasted on payoffs to useless people.


NHS Consultants are interested in fee paying patients such as the Russian oligarchs and Arab oil Sheiks, who inhabit the upper floor of the Royal Free but not expendable NHS patients who cannot begin to pay.
NHS Managers are interested in themselves, their next “gig” if they are an interim, the size of their payoff and their next role if they are permanent.


Experience and “recency ” of experience rule, “Gordon Gekko” is still alive and for these NHS Managers “Greed is Good“.


John Gelmini



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  2. Reblogged this on Yoh! WTF? and commented:
    Yoh! WTF? This blatant misuse and misappropriation of the taxpayers money has to be stopped. It never ceases to amaze me just how widespread and accepted this horrid behaviour by our politicians are. It starts with one voice … and I lend my voice to Dr. Alf!

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