UK unemployed miss out on jobs recovery –

The March for the Alternative was a held in Lo...

The March for the Alternative was a held in London on 26 March 2011. Organised by the (TUC), it was against the planned spending cuts of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government, formed in May 2010. Coming up Whitehall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an important, MUST READ article from the FT, citing latest evidence from the ONS. Check it out!

UK unemployed miss out on jobs recovery –

Personally, I do not believe that the evidence reflects well on the Coalition Government‘s record in creating jobs, yet alone quality jobs.

Does the Coalition Government expect university graduates to be satisfied stacking supermarket shelves?

Any thoughts?


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  2. The Coalition,s record on job creation is bogus.

    People who used to work in the public sector who are TUPIED across to a private sector outsourcer are counted as people with new private sector jobs.

    Redundant executives on severance pay are counted as “employed” and if they become interim managers by dint of registering themselves and their wives as directors of an off the shelf company which has not yet traded they are counted as 2 new jobs and 1 new business.

    People on benefits, who are “sanctioned ” by DWP staff, are counted as employed, and come off the unemployment figures, people who go on holiday are given a “going away from home form” and are counted as employed until they sign on again.

    People who give up the search for work, or those in workfare and training for work schemes, are also treated as employed.

    Most of the blue-collar unemployed lose out to better educated and motivated Eastern European immigrants and most school-leavers are frankly unemployable if they come from the State Sector.

    The answer to Dr Alf’s open question is yes because the Coalition policy is to write off a generation of young people, rather than take the necessary but difficult measures needed to turn the country round.

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