VDU’s blog: MERS-CoV by the numbers: recent weekly case activity…Ian Mackay

Here’s an excellent blog by Australian virologist, Ian Mackay. It’s a RECOMMENDED READ. Check it out!

via VDU’s blog: MERS-CoV by the numbers: recent weekly case activity….

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have become highly inquisitive about MERS-CoV which seems to be ignored by the mainstream media apart from Russia’s Pravda and CNN which has strong links with the Middle East. See my ealier blog.

Any thoughts?

Greater Middle East

Greater Middle East (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Further update on what’s trending on the MERS-CoV killer virus

Here’s the latest on what’s trending on the MERS-CoV killer virus via Storify. Check it out!


Recently, I reblogged a popular article from Russian newspaper, Pravda,  highlighting  MERS-CoV killer virus. This prompted me to use Storify to publish another blog on what was trending. I noted that apart from CNN, with its strong Middle Eastern links plus Pravda, that mainstream media sources were not reporting on the  MERS-CoV killer virus. BUT, why?

My earlier blogs prompted some lively discussion on Twitter. I also searched Twitter on the #MERS tag. I was also recommended to check Goggle News for my sources. Here’s a link to the Google News search on the MERS-CoV virus:


I still question why the MERS-CoV killer virus is not receiving more mainstream media attention?

Let me turn this to an open question:

What are the risks of the  MERS-CoV killer virus becoming a pandemic?

Any thoughts?

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