Digby Jones: UK must quit EU unless it radically reforms – Telegraph

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This article by the Telegraph makes controversial reading, citing the latest opinions from Digby Jones.

via Digby Jones: UK must quit EU unless it radically reforms – Telegraph.

Personally, I agree with Digby-Jones on two fundamental points.

Firstly, I agree that David Cameron is unlikely to negotiate significant concessions from European partners.

Secondly, I agree with the need for radical reform in the UK.

However, then I diverge from Digby-Jones and believe that the UK should remain part of Europe for strategic and economic reasons.

I am also unimpressed that Digby Jones was the former head of the lobby group, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). Since 2008, many large corporations have sat on mountains of cash, rather than invest in new products, technologies and markets. Presumably, the CBI also represents many large companies who openly practice tax evasion.  The CBI is primarily interested in maximizing it’s members pre-tax profits, and is not necessarily concerned with the wider economic and social challenges in UK society; see John Gelmini’s blog on the wider implications of the Los Angeles Wal Mart protests.

The UK has already been marginalized within Europe by David Cameron’s bungling of pre-negotiations. Let’s hope that ahead of any UK referendum, the risks and opportunities will be properly debated. In my judgement, if the UK left the EU, there would be a high risk of an economic catastrophe, with far reaching social implications. Los Angeles and Wal Mart are not good examples for the UK.

Any thoughts?

Any thoughts?

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Opinion: More than 50 arrested at Los Angeles protest over Wal-Mart wages ex Reuters – John Gelmini

Dr Alf raises a pertinent and interesting question but the answer is not just about bosses, it is about a fundamental change in workplaces that is causing shock waves around the world, and to which most politicians have no answer.

Automation, robots, expert systems, automated agents and automated processes are doing away with the need for car assembly workers, sewing machinists and, in Japan, care assistants, car parking attendants, supermarket managers (now one human manager can manage up to 10 supermarkets), checkout girls (all robots), industrial cleaners and people stitching car seats.

Surgeons, lawyers and structural engineers are being assisted by expert systems which effectively contain details of best practice methods that it would be impossible for one person to remember.

The Pentagon uses a computer system called Wisdom Warfare to simulate wars which enables Generals to simulate the war using the techniques of dead Generals, ranging from Hannibal at Cannae through to Sun Tzu, Napoleon, Patton, MacArthur, Vespasian, Alexander the Great (he invented the “Hammer and Anvil” technique still used today) Clausewitz, Zhukov, Bull Halsey etc

The battle can then be “war-gamed” using one General’s techniques or a combination to create a perfect strategy.

In China, Terry Gou has replaced 1.1 million I-Pod assembly workers with 1 million robots who will presumably not commit suicide, fall ill, demand wage increases or cause him trouble or embarrassment as his workers did when Steve Jobs was alive.

GPs are seeing more of their work done by nurse practitioners and 3D printers now make individualized manufacturing a real possibility.

Pagination in the golden era of Rupert Murdoch enabled him to break the Print Unions and eliminate typesetters, move to Wapping, buy Fox in America and become a Hollywood mogul.

Mondi, a German ladies fashion house, is able through automated manufacturing to produce perfectly manufactured clothing with 17 style changes a year and the Pentagon and DARPA plan to have emptied the battlefield of soldiers by 2030 and replace them all with fighting and storming robots, space based weapons, ultra low-frequency sound guns, pilot-less planes, and weather warfare systems in Alaska, Antarctica, Guam and mobile platforms all controlled from America.

Eventually “self replicating machines”, as envisaged by Alfred E Neumann, who was the inspiration for the MAD comic strip, will build roads, houses, offices and almost everything else.

Bosses during this interim period will get rid of people and benefit from the extra profits that arise which will destroy jobs faster than they can be created.

Eventually, very few people will be required to do anything, so the question then are:

  1. What to do with them all?
  2. How are they to be supported, and
  3. Where will the purchasing power come from? [robots do not have bank accounts and do not spend].

Long before we reach this point, profits are going to have to be shared out more equitably, or someone will have to make a decision about what to do about the displaced non economically contributing people.

The solution that is favored by Agenda 21 and Professor John Holdren, President Obama’s Chief Scientific Advisor is population reduction of 6 billion people, something far more ambitious than anything contemplated date [Hitler (6 million Jews ) plus total casualties for World War 2 , 50 million people, Stalin (66 million Christians), Mao Tse Tung (70 million people in China), Pol Pot (3 million Cambodians)].

Henry Kissinger talks about a “cull of useless eaters”, Sir David Attenborough CEO of the Optimum Population Trust sees human beings as a “Plague on the face of the earth” and Prince Philip claims to want to return to the earth as a “deadly virus” because the “Biggest environmental problem is people”.

Bill and Melinda Gates are more circumspect and would like to vaccinate people in the 3rd world so that the populations fell over a longer period to a total of 1 billion people as envisaged by Malthus in his day.

To achieve this, new unknown viruses are being developed in Fort Detrick and Porton Down capable of singling out people by ethnic origin and killing off people in the most populous countries.

Of course, this is madness because viruses can mutate and thus eliminate people drawn from a much wider section of humanity.

The Walmart riots are the harbinger of much more to come, unless these bigger questions are answered and greater equity prevails.

John Gelmini

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