The pulse of Europe: search Olli Rehn on Google News?

Paul Krugman’s brilliant article on the European economic crisis prompted me to dwell on the theme.

For a quick health check on Europe, just like taking your pulse, run a Google search on Olli Rehn:…0.0…1ac.1.wxOnum9Qn6E#authuser=0&gl=us&hl=en&q=olli+rehn

Or if you are Twitter addict, just search on #OlliRehn:

If you want to find the blackest fairy-tale in the land, take a hard-look at Olli Rehn’s, European Commission blog. 

Perhaps, you prefer black humor? In that case, take a look at Jeremy Warner’s blog in the Telegraph.

If fear grabs your attention, Rehn allegedly has aspirations to take over Europe’s No. 1 job from Jose Manuel Barroso!

Here are some open-questions that quickly come to mind

European Commissioner Olli Rehn

European Commissioner Olli Rehn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  1. It’s important perhaps to question whether Olli Rehn is more a bureaucrat than a politician?
  2. As a politician, surely Rehn would be setting policy that would be best for Europe?
  3. Meanwhile, as a bureaucrat perhaps Rehn is looking for ongoing patronage from Germany‘s leaders?
  4. With Olli Rehn in power and Europe’s youth largely unemployed, surely Europe is vulnerable to political extremism, just like Germany in the 1930s?

Any thoughts?

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