As the economy recovers, so do the Tories’ prospects of victory – Benadict Brogan – Telegraph Blogs

This is a MUST READ article by Benadict Brogan, Deputy Editor at the Telegraph. Check it out!

As the economy recovers, so do the Tories’ prospects of victory – Telegraph Blogs.

Normally, I find myself in tune with  Benadict Brogan’s viewpoints but here I disagree with his argument and conclusions.

What ever happened to the omni-shambles of David Cameron’s Government?

Is it all smoke and mirrors to help Cameron to a general election victory?

Any thoughts?

English: David Cameron Deutsch: David Cameron

English: David Cameron Deutsch: David Cameron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  3. Normally Benedict Brogan would be correct because that is how it has always been so long as the Electorate could see and feel the recovery and as long as reasonably well paid jobs were being created in sufficient numbers.

    This is not the case now because the Government’s employment and job creation numbers are manifestly bogus since most of the “jobs” are created by:
    –Counting anything longer than 1 hour a week as a job
    –Counting anyone who has registered a company at Companies House as a Director with a job even though that company has never traded
    –Counting people who used to work for local authorities in the public sector as doing newly created private sector jobs by virtue of being TUPIED across to an outsourcer such as Capita, Serco and G4S.

    Thus policemen and policewoman in Gainsborough Lincolnshire used to be employed by Lincolnshire constabulary but are now employed by G4S doing exactly the same duties out of the same police station
    People on average earnings are beginning to see more of this and do not see the dole queues in their local jobcenters shortening, they shop at Primark rather than M and S for their clothing and at Aldi and Lidl for their groceries.

    Only in the gilded and glittering world inhabited by the top 1/2 of 1% of the population are the economic conditions getting markedly better, whilst those in the top 19% things are quite a bit better with the rest enduring falling living standards without any end in sight.

    Sir John Major was moved to speak about this in a recent speech but David Cameron simply trotted out the old refrain about direction of travel.

    The direction is not what David Cameron says it is and his so called “achievements” are either bogus holograms or nothing to write home about.

    People in his own party see him as a latter day Pinochio, who is not really a true Conservative and certainly not as a “One Nation” Tory.

    The public for the most part see him, as I do, which is a man who fails to deliver and as a loser.
    Under him the Coalition will not win and the Conservative Party will not win just as Dr Alf surmises.

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