Cameron and Osborne want growth – at any cost – Benedict Brogran – Telegraph Blogs

This is an excellent MUST READ blog from Benedict Brogan, Deputy Editor at the Telegraph


Cameron and Osborne want growth – at any cost – Benadict Brogan – Telegraph Blogs.


Brogan provides an excellent helicopter perspective on the UK media’s views on Cameron. BUT he concludes that Cameron and Osborne are now going for growth, at any cost.


Personally, I think that there is a clear record of omni-shambles across Government and that there is an attempt to white-wash evidence and focus on growth potential. Let’s be clear, the current growth stimulus is largely based on Government guarantees of home loans for first-time buyers.


Any thoughts?


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  2. Cameron and Osborne do not want “growth at any cost” as Benedict Brogan asserts,what they want is the appearance of growth and enough “feelgood factor” amongst those who will vote for them.
    They plan to achieve this as Dr Alf has identified,by creating a mini housing boom and a consumer led recovery by those people at work through increased credit card lending and secured lending.
    Growth means exports,genuine new businesses starting up and expansion through organic growth of UK Mid Caps or what should be our “Mittelstand”.
    It is all smoke and mirrors and too little too late,particularly on the part of the so called “Business Secretary ” Vince Cable who is so complacent he is horizontal enough to work as a bed tester for John Lewis.
    Dr Alf,s description of whitewashing evidence for growth is accurate and as for growth potential it will not be realised unless the Government and the country put in the hard work and pay the price.

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