Opinion: Jeremy Hunt accused of keeping parliament in dark over NHS plans ex Guardian – John Gelmini

Jeremy Hunt MP talks PSB at the LSE

Jeremy Hunt MP talks PSB at the LSE (Photo credit: cowbite)

Dr Alf raises interesting points and has touched on another which he has not blogged about.

To begin with, Jeremy Hunt is between a cleft stick.

If he announces his plans in advance as Andrew Lansley did, he will find that the Guardian and the medical profession will, once again, scupper his reforms with the assistance of the BBC and NHS managers who should have been put to the sword years ago.

Cameron knows that A&E are about to implode but neither he not Jeremy Hunt is prepared to face down GPs and get the BMA/NHS contract renegotiated.

He and Jeremy Hunt also know that this is going to be one of a series of much colder and wetter winters due to Global Cooling, a phenomenon they cannot admit to having told us the opposite for years and having had access to reports on the matter for each of the past 8 years.

This, combined with an increasingly elderly and frail population, sky-high heating bills, and a poor GP appointments system puts all the pressure on A&E.

The Government cannot admit to any of this so you get spin from the Department of Health, lies and obfuscation rather than action.

Dr Alf can see what is wrong instantly and calls it an Omni-shambles; I see it as that and as something with a possible silver lining in that once the A&E does implode, along with much of the NHS, then action will have to be taken, and the NHS will have to be replaced or reformed but not by the people who caused all the trouble in the first place.

In addition, we can then finally have an adult but tense conversation with the UK public about greater personal responsibility for healthcare, diet and exercise, preventative medicine,vitamin supplementation and harmful chemicals in foodstuffs , the built environment, fertilizers, water and household products.

 John Gelmini

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