Opinion: OECD educationtoday: Time for the U.S. to Reskill? – John Gelmini

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I share Dr Alf’s sense of foreboding about David Cameron’s visit to China.

The Chinese do not like him because of his practice of insulting them in public and they, like me, see him as lazy, unprepared and complacent.

He will not come back empty handed but will be given a very rough ride, and if he attempts to lecture them further about human rights or about how much they need us, he will be given a very short answer.

Unlike Sir John Major and Tony Blair, David Cameron is an unskilled and weak negotiator when as the “Donald” correctly identified, you should only send your toughest and smartest negotiators to deal with the Chinese.

Frankly he is the wrong man for the job and the Conservative Party should replace him forthwith.

Moving on to re-skilling Britain, we are 44th in the World when it comes to state education and have too many graduates with useless degrees.

This has to change, otherwise we will become a 3rd world country within a generation.

John Gelmini

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