NHS competition holds up creation of specialist cancer treatment centres | Politics | The Observer

This is an amazing article from the Guardian/Observer. It’s a MUST READ, in my view. Check it out!

NHS competition holds up creation of specialist cancer treatment centres | Politics | The Observer.

The article appears to blame delayed roll-out of cancer care improvements on the Government’s NHS competition policies.

In my mind, this article is pitched clearly at the Guardian’s readership who are typically anti greater privatization of the NHS.

Surely it’s time to stop squabbling over  ideology?

Let’s face the reality. Because of Government cock-ups, this Winter, fewer people will get quality Accident and Emergency care. Also Britain will continue to be denied the levels of cancer treatment available in the rest of Europe.

From the vantage of a political blogger, I am increasingly concerned that the UK’s main-stream media is inflaming the UK healthcare crisis, pandering to

English: NHS logo

English: NHS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ideology  and sponsors.

Surely, it is obvious that it not in the UK’s national interest to keep throwing good money after bad on the National Health Service?

Are there any UK politicians, or mainstream journalists, brave enough to argue that the NHS must be scrapped and replaced by a new best-practice model of public healthcare?

Any thoughts?


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  3. Dr Alf might as well howl into the wilderness like a wolf if he thinks that any UK journalist will call for the abolition and replacement of the NHS.
    The Guardian story is a non story and nothing new or newsworthy because NICE have been refusing anti cancer drugs like VELCADE on cost grounds for years and Rife Machines in their new super German form which are present in all German cancer wards are not being allowed into British ones.
    The German treatment involving cooking cancer cells to death which helped prolong the late Ronald Reagan’s life for 19 years has also not been available on the NHS for years.
    95% of us will die of either cancer or heart disease and despite the fact that there are known carcinogens like Bisphenol A in the environment and known cancer preventatives like Vitamin B17 which have been deliberately taken out of our UK foods the Government seems sanguine about the incidence of cancer which is now 1 in 2.5 or 40% whereas in 1934 it was 1 in 80.
    The bigger scandal is the fact that the Government is in hock to the drug companies who make £500,000 gbp out of each terminal cancer patient before they die.
    The reasoning was explained to me by the Chief Underwriter at Lincoln National Life at Fort Wayne Indiana some years ago.
    It was he said,”Necessary to ensure that people did not live too long because were they to do so it would bankrupt most pension systems in Western Countries and bankrupt most insurers who in turn owned many US banks”.
    Unlike Germany which is a leading exporter we export next to nothing so whereas they need at the moment to keep their workers alive so that they can manufacture things to export,we secretly want people to die off before they become too much of a cost to the NHS.
    This is why the “Liverpool Care Pathway” which terminated 450,000 elderly and morbidity ridden patients early,was devised as a latter day version of “Logans Run”a film in which anyone over 35 was “terminated with extreme prejudice”.
    Similarly patients presenting too many symptons who are too old are sent home as soon as they become “bed blockers” or look as though they might become expensive liabilities
    This is in contrast to Russian oligarchs and Arab oil Sheikhs who now inhabit the upper floor of the Royal Free Hospital in London and pay for their treatment in an NHS ward.

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