What does Mr Cameron believe in? His own ministers aren’t sure | Andrew Rawnsley | Comment is free | The Observer

This is a brilliant article from Andrew Rawnsley in the Observer. It’s a MUST READ in my view. Check it out!

What does Mr Cameron believe in? His own ministers aren’t sure | Andrew Rawnsley | Comment is free | The Observer.

Personally, I very much identified with this article.

When David Cameron first came to power, I hope that he might be a one-nation conservative or a compassionate Tory. {Open this link for more detail on my political views} Reality, as demonstrated in the above article, is that Cameron has has no convictions other than staying in office as long as possible.

As a life long Tory, I have often been ashamed by David Cameron’s leadership of both the Government and the Conservative Party.

Let me turn this to an open question:

How do you think that history is likely to remember David Cameron?

English: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the ...

English: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and leader of the Conservative Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Any thoughts?


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6 responses

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  6. They will remember David Cameron as a vacuous,lazy individual who opens his mouth first and thinks afterwards.

    They will remember him as a man who tries to warmonger when the country has no ability to wage war.
    They will remember him as a public schoolboy who postures and pontificates ,truly a man in a glass house throwing stones.

    I will remember him as a loser and as a disappointment and as someone who is not a true Conservative at all.

    Dr Alf says he has been ashamed by David Cameron,s leadership,to my mind he does not lead at all.
    He insults the Chinese who after 18 months of work by the Foreign Office are prepared to receive him next year having been so incensed by his actions that they held up £8 billion gbp in trade and contracts at a time when we have 2 million youngsters on the dole.

    Last week he visited Jaffna ,the former home of the Tamil Tigers whose funding came from the Tamil diaspora in this country plus other unidentified sources.

    He pontificated again about human rights ignoring the fact that he was only able to go to Jaffna because Rajipaska brought to 30 year civil war to an end albeit with too much bloodshed.

    Against the 775,000 dead in Iraq,which was an illegal war based on a series of lies ,40,000 deaths in intense fighting is very small beer.
    What irritates me most and perhaps many other Conservatives is this man’s insistence on finding irrelevant issues and pretending they are important whilst ignoring the very real problems the country faces vis a vis lack of exports,insufficient job creation,insufficient inward investment and the decline of the City relative to New York,Singapore and Hong Kong.

    He imagines that he is so important that the world will listen to him and take notice of his threats even though he lacks the ability to back up his words.

    As Rod Liddle said in the Sunday Times ,Cameron,s latest words reminded him of 1952 and an Eton schoolboy addressing a “fag”.

    The world has moved on and so should David Cameron,ideally in a process of Seppuku which is how Samurai warriors dispatch themselves rather than being dishonoured.

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