Labour must step in to rescue a generation of doomed youth – Mary Riddell – Telegraph

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This article by Mary Riddell in the Telegraph is WELL WORTH A READ. Check it out!

via Labour must step in to rescue a generation of doomed youth – Telegraph.

Personally, I have never liked Mary Riddle’s style of writing; she goes off at a tangent too easily and tends to be quick with opinion and light on evidence; most particularly, Mary Ridell tends to have no solutions. However, Riddle’s headline is a very worthy theme.

What is to be done about youth unemployment?

This question will be of major concern to young people, their parents and grand parents in the next election.

Personally, I would propose a radical solution:

Bring back National Service!

I was in Israel recently and quickly noticed Young people in uniform. Young men serve three years at the age of eighteen and young women two years. Many Israeli youth learn important skills in National Service.

For the UK, bringing back national service would have many advantages. It would:

  • Help teach young people skills that are relevant to today’s needs, including trades and public service
  • Help balance the savage cuts to the tri-forces
  • Force wealthy and privileged people to co-exist with ordinary youngsters from less advantaged background
  • Help deal with resource weaknesses in the Public Sector
  • Teach discipline and respect
  • Create a feeling of one nation
  • Break down multiculturalism

Any thoughts?

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2 responses

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  2. Mary Riddell is supposed to be writing for a Conservative newspaper and yet she assumes that already Labour will win the next election in 2015 by default.

    With David Cameron in charge, this is the almost certain outcome but between now and then he can be replaced by someone capable of winning an outright majority either alone or with UKIP.

    Conservatives need to wake up and act ruthlessly and provided they do and replace Cameron with Boris or someone suitably streetwise and telegenic the election is still there to be won.

    Dr Alf is right about this very silly woman who thinks see can see the future and then bases her arguments about youth unemployment on the assumption that the Coalition will continue to do next to nothing and that MiLliband will win and provide the answer.

    National Service which Dr Alf proposes is part of the solution for all the reasons he lists in his thoughtful post but it does not address the “Elephant in the room”, namely the unemployability of at least 50% of our young people, even including some graduates.

    With 47 people chasing every job vacancy, a ready supply of Poles, Bulgarians, Romanians and other nationalities coming into the country and our own education system at State level, 44th in the world we need to take further action.

    1) Recognize that the non academically inclined need to go into businesses of their own after National Service.

    This means remedial education at weekends and business boot camps .


    Because with our low levels of economic growth(an average of 1.4% since 1946-Source-Institute of Fiscal Studies ) we will never create enough jobs

    2) Lengthen the school-day to South Korean levels(12 hours a day plus homework and Saturday mornings for the laggards).Currently ours is less than 7 hours a day with scant attention paid to useful language skills

    3) Benefit recycling and faster writeoffs of plant ,machinery and equipment to encourage expansion conditional upon employment of our youth

    4) No more overseas aid or Barnett Formula,use the money($42 billion gbp ) to fund job creation schemes and teach useful languages

    5) Force the banks to lend to small businesses and if they refuse let competitors in on condition that they do

    6) Halt all further immigration except for top scientists,wealthy inward investors and people with special skills

    7) Create building trade apprenticeships and assign a set number of youngsters to building firms tasked with building system built houses to eliminate the 10 million housing shortage within 2 Parliaments.
    This needs to be accompanied by relaxations in planning laws and a reduction in the number of councils to 15 for the entire country.

    As things stand, too many of them act as an impediment to business growth and employment

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