PM Netanyahu’s remarks in Moscow 20 Nov 2013 – Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This press release  from Israel‘s Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes very interesting reading. Check it out!

via PM Netanyahu’s remarks in Moscow 20 Nov 2013 – Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

One wonders if this is further evidence of a shift to a multipolar World?

Any thoughts?

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2 responses

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  2. Dr Alf is right to talk about a shift to a Multipolar world because that is what we have been witnessing for the past 15 years, a shift of power, wealth and resources from the West to the East coupled with a rise in the influence of Islam into a movement for a Global Caliphate.

    Benjamin Netanyahu was described by the former President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy who was having a conversation with President Obama as “A man who lies to me all the time”.

    President Obama is reported to have replied “You should worry, I have to talk to him every day”.
    The remarks attributed to the former President of Iran, “Arminajad”, were that he had threatened to wipe Israel of the face of the earth when in fact he had said that “During the passage of time the existing Israeli regime would pass into history”.

    This mis-translation of remarks made in Farsi have been repeated by Benjamin Netanyahu on innumerable occasions and he has described the current President of Iran as a “wolf in wolf’s clothing”.

    Now with the assistance of Saudi Arabia, Netanyahu probably wants to attack Iran and between them effect regime change in Syria.

    Such action has been ruled out by the US military and General Dempsey after extensive Pentagon war-gaming.

    The Americans are the only people capable of doing the job because they have bombs capable of penetrating and destroying hardened nuclear power bunkers and other sites but they, along with Russia and China, do not want go to war.

    The real threats to Israel come from people like Netanyahu, who by their actions and rhetoric make war more likely, thus bringing in the Great Powers and damaging Middle East wars with the potential to become World War 3.

    A more pragmatic and less bellicose leader would one hopes be chosen by people in Israel because America is beginning to focus its attention Eastwards and since Afghanistan lacks the desire to attack Iran even if it were possible.

    Iran can be contained by a mixture of sanctions and psychological techniques to make their young people yearn for a more bright economic future and their woman to want more Western style emancipation.

    Threats will drive them into building nuclear bombs and burying them deep in mountains whilst making bellicose statements like the North Koreans.

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