Opinion: The Jobs Recovery Is Always Two Years Away ex David Lizoain – Social Europe Journal – John Gelmini

The answer to Dr Alf’s question is that nobody will hold anyone in the European Commission to account for their failure, whilst real unemployment, already massively understated, will continue to rise.

Dr Alf is right to want to hold them to account for their failures but given an emasculated press, weak and ineffectual opposition, and a disengaged public, nothing will change until people wake up.

This is a process of “boiling frogs slowly”, but too many people cannot see or understand what is being done to them.

John Gelmini

Outside the Berlaymont building of the Europea...

Outside the Berlaymont building of the European Commission (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  4. The think tank advisory committees for government, would advise government on incremental calibrated oppression of the masses, as stated the the heat turned up is not enough for the sensitivity of the general public’s consciousness, as one of the Rothschild’s advise on utube was do not panic, stay calm, this advise is all very well for the stability of the society as a means of control, as many people are being deprived of vitamins and minerals in their diet, and suffer the effects of nano particle poisoning and deprived of meaning in their lives, they become increasingly docile and submissive to the atrocities of slow but debilitating health, this combined with varied diversions of drugs, sex, entertainment, gambling and so on, all adds to the thinning out of the human matrix.

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