Cries of ‘racism’ at UK govt’s migrant policy – WORLD –

The is an important story reported in China\’s popular newspaper, Global Times. It\’s a RECOMMENDED READ. Check it out!

Cries of ‘racism’ at UK govt’s migrant policy – WORLD –

This type of article in China\’s media will not make UK Prime Minister, David Cameron\’s forthcoming visit to China any easier. Cameron\’s dealings with China have been far more awkward than other Western leaders, resulting in the UK being deprived of important foreign trade. China has strengthened her trading links with the EU considerably but the UK seems to be last in line because of Cameron\’s policies.

Any thoughts?

United Kingdom: stamp

United Kingdom: stamp (Photo credit: Sem Paradeiro)


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  2. If we seem racist in Britain now, it is over-immigration that has caused it. We are the most densely populated country in Europe in terms of space. There are more people per square mile than most other nations. We deserve some space!

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