Magical Cyprus in Winter!

Winter flower

Winter flower (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I have just returned from a bracing walk along the sea path between Latchi and Polis in Cyprus. This coast faces the North, with Turkey beyond the horizon on the Mediterranean Sea. As I looked out to sea, the surf was breaking four hundred meters out, and the strong, cold, Northerly wind was producing some mighty rollers. I gently turned my head and my eyes feasted on the great expense of Chrisochou Bay; the sea had a huge band of white foam, with the mountains clearly in view on the horizon. On land, the wind was causing Palm trees and hardy shrubs to bend at unnatural angles. It was truly spectacular. {Open this link for some amazing photos of Chrisochou Bay}

The temperature was circa fifteen degrees Celsius but it felt much colder because of the chill factor of the wind. I was wearing Summer weight jeans and sandals and a chunky woolen cardigan but the wind was breaking through my Cardie, so I needed to walk briskly to keep warm. The magical ingredient, of course, was the sun. The Winter sun was very bright indeed and I needed my wrap-around sunglasses to protect my eyes from both the sun and the wind.

There were a handful of other people on the path. The locals wore thick padded jackets but the expats, like myself, can compare these climates to Northern Winters. As I was walking I reflected back on walking on Hampstead Heath in Winter, London, just a week ago.

Yes, the sun is the magical ingredient. The sun brings its own special warmth, especially in Winter. Cyprus is fortunate, with an exceptionally mild Winter and 300+ days of sunshine.

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