My top-ten rated blogs last week

I thought that it would be interesting to share a list of my top ten blogs last week, ranked by number of hits, with the most popular first:

  1. Burma: an essential guide – Telegraph
  2. Autumn Statement 2013: Britain’s needlessly slow recovery – Martin Wolf-
  3. David Cameron urges UK schools to teach Mandarin –
  4. Putin signed his harshest anti-gay law yet – Skift
  5. UK: FCO holed below the water line – English
  6. Fantastic Things To Do in Vietnam | Jamie King -Huffington Post
  7. Cancer in britain lags far behind European average – Telegraph
  8. A gaffe-prone Japan is a danger to peace in Asia – Gideon Rachman –
  9. Companies that take on under-21s will not have to pay ‘jobs tax’ | Mail Online
  10. Britain’s sugar rush economy fuelled by house prices masks perilous imbalance | Larry Elliott |

Any thoughts?


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