What’s trending on Millennials according to Storify?

Generation Y

Generation Y (Photo credit: dalechumbley)

Open this link to see some of the themes that are trending on Millennials according to Storify.

This is my second blog that picks up on the Millennial theme. Let me restate from my first blog.

According to BCG, there are 79 million Millennials (aged between 16 and 34)  in the US (compared to 76 million  baby-boomers). BCG highlights the Millennials for their distinguishing features, namely:

  • Avid use of technology
  • Changing media-consumption habits
  • Entry into the work place.

BCG identify that major market-oriented companies are changing their offering and pitching more towards the Millennials.

Surely, it’s time for Governments in mature countries, like North America and Europe, to turn to radical  policies to effectively deploy the Millennials Generation?

Any thoughts?

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