Europe faces a bigger threat than German caution – Philip Stephens –

English: President Barack Obama talks with Ger...

English: President Barack Obama talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron before the start of the working G8 dinner at Le Ciro’s Barriere Restaurant in Deauville, France, May 25, 2011. (Official White House Photo) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a thoughtful and very popular FT article by Philip Stephens. It’s a RECOMMENDED READ for the weekend, in my view.

via Europe faces a bigger threat than German caution –

The article basically takes the view that Europeans should not blame all their economic woes on Germany. It maintains that European decision-making has become far too risk-averse, especially with older members who have managed to escape the worst effects of austerity.

As I read this article, my mind wandered to the Millennial generation, who seem to have been abandoned by everybody, including the political classes, the mainstream media and the baby-boomers.

For the millennials to survive and prosper, there is a need for radical change. So far, politicians, like David Cameron and Angela Merkel are barely recognizing the size of the crisis for the Millennial generation. Of course, we need to lobby politicians, the mainstream media and pressure groups. BUT there is a far greater challenge, namely:

How do we encourage the millennials to effectively help themselves?

Any thoughts?


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  3. Dr Alf,s open question is a difficult one to answer because traditionally Millennials have been told by all previous generations,their parents,schools,universities,the media,politicians and Big Business that getting a job was something that happened by osmosis.
    That is to say,jobs were available to bright confident graduates and applicants with the right attitudes,communication skills,presence and qualifications but that the process might take time.
    The truth is nothing like that because each position has on average 47 jobseekers apart from better educated multilingual foreigners.
    To have full employment you need 3% growth but we have averaged 1.4% since 1946 and with a rising population ,more outsourcing and automation it is actually falling below zero.
    At least 50% of Millennials will never work unless they emigrate,learn languages or start their own businesses.
    It is up to parents ,schools and the media to tell them the truth because the politicians are incapable of doing so other than the odd burst of candour from Boris Johnson or my own MP Oliver Heald who is an honourable and straight talking man.
    Telling the truth will not be enough because unless business incubation,export led growth and startup help is forthcoming the bulk of Millennials will fail for lack of capital and for lack of advice.
    We will need commercial bank lending from the High Street Clearers and Councils,Government and alternative sources like Foundation East plus expert mentoring.
    The rest need to learn languages ,be taught to sell ,taught to develop business plans and given the money to allow them to emigrate and seek their fortunes.
    They will need to be much tougher and better at personal organisation so they must be put through 2 years of National Service,taught an enabling personal philosophy to prepare them for the alternatives outlined previously.

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