UK Millennials must see beyond the false hopes of the Labour Party

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Yesterday John Gelmini argued convincingly that David Cameron’s Government had seriously abandoned the UK’s millennial generation (sixteen to thirty-five year olds).

Based on the latest YouGov poll most UK millennials are pinning their hopes on the a Labour Government after the next election. According to Danny Blanchflower‘s Twitter blog, this survey strikes the Tories as the party of the old – they have 8% lead for 60+ but Labour has 14% lead with 18-24,  10% with 25-39 and 8% with 40-59.

However, we have seen from Oxford economist, Simon Wren-Lewis that the Coalition Government will leave the next UK Government a poison chalice in terms of the state of the UK economy. Looking at recent research from the highly respected think tank, the Fabian Society, Osborne’s economic projections will not be sustainable (The Fabian Society – 2030 Vision can be downloaded from this link). The Fabian Society see a most likely case of spending being 2% higher than Osborne’s plan.

A new Labour Government would face an enormous backlash against austerity, and the cupboard would be bear for the UK’s millennials.

Let me turn this to an open question:

How should the likely next UK Government respond to the challenges of the millennial generation?

Any thoughts?


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