What can the millenials learn from the baby-boomers who have successfully re-invented themselves? – John Gelmini

Dr Alf poses an interesting question.

Many of the conditions which prevailed when these successful “baby boomers” reinvented themselves no longer exist and 50% of everything that happens is now unquantifiable, random and a “Black Swan ” event.

Millennials operate in a different world but have to assume that:

  1. There are no jobs for life
  2. What was right yesterday may not hold good today
  3. To survive and prosper you need to be able to create linear income streams
  4. The need to either marry well or function well alone with ring fenced assets
  5. The pace of change is much faster
  6. Language skills in useful languages are essential
  7. They need to know how to sell, persuade and network
  8. They should make no useless acquaintances
  9. Small differences make a difference
  10. They should practice “ordered flexibility”
  11. You are only as good as today’s results

From those who have successfully reinvented themselves, the Millenials can learn the following values:

  • Self-discipline,
  • The application of the golden rule, focus
  • Time management and
  • How to evaluate propositions, situations and circumstances with perception
  • How to manage money and possibly relationships and then take action.

For the rest they need to learn “How to leave the tribe” yet still appear to be of it.

John Gelmini

A screenshot from the trailer for the film The...

A screenshot from the trailer for the film The Black Swan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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