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Elephant Family Tree

Elephant Family Tree (Photo credit: Travis S.)

Here is a very popular article, written by J. Krzyzewski, and published in Russia’s leading newspaper Pravda. It’s a RECOMMENDED READ. Check it out!

via Elephant in the Global Living Room – English pravda.ru.

Is this article really reflective of geopolitics on Obama’s watch?

Any thoughts?

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  1. Dr Alf raises important points with this article which is sadly very one sided.

    To begin with not all the US military leaders who opposed Syrian intervention have lost their jobs, General Dempsey is still in overall command but of course that could change.

    Russia, when it controlled the old Soviet Union, used to intervene in many foreign wars, even when it lacked the money to do so.

    To see the evidence for this, go into the You Tube record and you will find Russian films dubbed into English of Russians fighting in the Korean War, manning SAM missile sites in Vietnam, fighting in Afghanistan during the time they were backing Najibulla.

    Currently Russia is attempting to bring some of its former client states back into the fold as we are seeing with Georgia and most recently the Ukraine.

    Whilst President Obama is fairly uninspiring and unimpressive he is not reflective of America and should be replaced by someone much better.

    All superpowers fight proxy wars, not just America, so in Syria we (in the UK), America, Saudi Arabia, France, Israel and Qatar, support those Syrian rebels we like the look of while Russia and China assist Iran which in turn assists the Syrian Government.

    In Africa, the old Soviet Union assisted revolutionary movements in different wars whilst we and America did the same for those Governments we wanted to stay in power.

    Quoting Biblical sources does not help us understand what is going on either because several major books including the Book of Solomon, remain under lock and key in the Vatican archives and away from the prying eyes of the masses.

    The original concealment of these books was ordered by the Roman emperor Constantine who convened the Council of Nicea and ordered the creation of the original Vulgate Bible upon which all other Bibles are based.

    Thus before relying on anything for prophesy we would need to see everything in the entire record, something which is unlikely to happen.

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