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President Obama is good at making speeches talking about “defining issues” and failing to deliver on his promises.

Dr Alf has already said as much in more measured words than I would tend to use but the issue of widening inequality has arisen from a series of deliberate acts including the banking crisis which have been designed to remove money and assets from 99.9% of the population and transfer them to the tiny plutocracy that remains.

President Obama, those that put him into power, and the heads of Europe and the UK, have all connived to make this happen and to conceal from the vast mass of their respective people what has been done and what is still going on (the process has not stopped and is going to get much worse).

What none of these leaders or the heads of big business will talk about is the rate of job destruction through computerization, robotics(Google has just purchased Boston Dynamics which makes fighting robots for the Pentagon and DARPA), AI call center software, expert systems, speech recognition, automation and the elimination of

Barack Obama, President, talked with David Cam...

Barack Obama, President, talked with David Cameron, Prime Minister, and Angela Merkel, Chancellor, at the 36th G8 summit in Muskoka District Municipality, Ontario Province on June 25, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

blue-collar manufacturing processes.

The pace of this is so fast that even efficiently run Governments and good education systems cannot keep up which leads us to the problem of what to do with the economically impoverished who are now rendered economically useless and what to do about the next generation of young people (the so called Millennials).

So far 2 years worth of Millennials have been largely sidelined and now we have David Cameron talking about the benefits of “volunteering”.

Young people eventually become older people who marry, form relationships, have children and buy houses.

Without money, they cannot do this yet Cameron, Obama and our tired European elite act as if these problems did not exist.

Currently, a “lot of frogs are being boiled” but no-one is prepared to say so or that without changes in policy inequality will widen to the point that Bertrand Russell, a member of the Committee of 300 wrote about and dreamed of, which was that the poor and disenfranchised would become a separate species.

John Gelmini


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What is David Cameron for? » Spectator Blogs

English: David Cameron is a British politician...

English: David Cameron is a British politician, Leader of the Conservative Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent MUST READ blog from the Spectator. Check it out!

What is David Cameron for? » Spectator Blogs.

When David Cameron came to power I had visions of him being a compassionate, one-nation conservative, based upon his admiration for Disraeli. I wondered if he would champion Third-Wave Neoliberalism.  As time went by, I grew more and more concerned. Several years ago, I concluded that Cameron was a political butterfly, flitting from one pretty flower to the next, reveling in exotic causes, like gay marriage.

Any thoughts?

via What is David Cameron for? » Spectator Blogs.


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