Workers’ skills and how they are used at work – OECD

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English: The logo of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This summary of latest OECD research is a MUST-READ, this weekend. Check it out!

At the moment income inequality is probably one of America‘s hottest issues but in Europe the focus is on the potential influx of Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants, effective January 1. Despite economic growth, unemployment is still a major issue in many Western economies. As I looked at the OECD charts I reflected on these major problems, and wondered why policy-makers are not making more use of the available evidence?

This research highlights the importance of basic skills in reading and numeracy. It examines the link between education and skills, rating the most valuable job-related skills. Most importantly, the research shows international comparisons, and sub-sets not just averages.

Why aren’t policy-makers in North America and Europe focusing on the skills mis-match?

How should millennials respond to the OECD evidence on worker skills?

Any thoughts?

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