Opinion: Too Old for Millennial & too Young to be a Baby Boomer? – John Gelmini

What Dr Alf has identified are the people I used to look for whilst working in the insurance industry in America who had lived long enough to become complacent but not long enough to take steps to protect themselves with Disability Income Plans and effective and efficient means of saving.

Whatever disaster these people might have faced, it was always going to be “the other guy” or by a process of divine intervention they imagined that “something would turn up because it always does”.

Today, one also needs to develop linear income from multiple sources as the old beliefs about corporate life are no longer true.

Companies are loyal to themselves, not to their employees, so people in Generation X need to rethink their positions, learn languages, retrain and develop linear income.

Some of them may have to move States, or even countries, or consider downshifting and self sufficiency.
What they cannot do is kid themselves that the Government or anyone else is going to save their bacon because that task belongs to them.

John Gelmini

We are Generation X,

We are Generation X, (Photo credit: Kathy Crabbe Art)

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  5. John,

    Many thanks for your thoughtful comments here.

    As I reflected on your viewpoint, I reflected on the media and political classes recent evidence of trying to create tension between different generations in the UK.This is against a background of the Conservatives trailing in the polls, especially with the Millennials and Gen X; it is only with the “baby boomers” that the Tories have a lead. However, I sense that many traditional Tory older voters will reflect very hard at the collapsing public services, with new evidence every day.

    When I compare the millennials,the baby-boomers and Gen X, in the UK, I believe that each age group has suffered under David Cameron. It is only when the age groups are broken into income groups that the evidence will likely change.

    The winners across all three age groupings will be the top 1%, or children of the top 1%, the wealthy, top-earners, with privileged backgrounds and social connections to be able to ignore the impact of austerity.

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