Opinion: The collapse of UK front-line public services under austerity: the case for ABC- John Gelmini

Dr Alf is right ABC should be deployed to see how much value creating activity there is in public services and there should be a more strategic approach based on evidence rather than political rhetoric.

Then there must be proper productivity measures and performance measures so that we can see the effectiveness of the value creating activity in terms of delivery and results.

Those measures need to be matched against customer insight measures which would be monitored independently by reputable market research firms who would publish their findings on line to prevent civil servants and ministers fiddling the figures or the police as they admitted to the Public Accounts Committee,”adjusting the crime figures”.

We could then see the proportion of value creating activity, the results of the activity in terms of pupils passing exams, getting employment, crime rising or falling under a particular Chief Constable versus others and we would know what the end users thought of those services given their cost overall.

Services outsourced of off-shored should be subjected to the same treatment .

Thus in places like Hertfordshire where I live, Serco, which runs practically all county council services would be held jointly accountable with the CEO of the Council.

John Gelmini


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