Chinese companies eye US new energy – People’s Daily Online

English: Wind power plants in Xinjiang, China ...

English: Wind power plants in Xinjiang, China (Taken with a Nikon D70.) 中文: 中国新疆的风力发电厂。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an important energy story from China’s leading newspaper, People’s Daily Online (PDO);  this is currently PDO’s second most popular article.

Earlier, I re-blogged an equally important Pravda article about Russia’s Christmas day deal to develop Syria’s offshore gas and oil capability.

Meanwhile, Europe freezes, with expensive energy, and no effective energy policy. Certainly, Europe is not taking a strategic approach to energy, unlike Russia, China and the US. European leaders, like Angela Merkel and David Cameron are still letting austerity eclipse strategy. Matters are seriously aggravated by the European Commission being slow to recognize the need for strategic investment in energy in countries like Cyprus.

Let me again focus on important open questions:

As much of Europe freezes, dependent upon expensive energy, why does the EU not have an effective energy policy?

Also let me restate my earlier question:

With Cyprus part of the EU, I want to know why the EU is not investing heavily in the offshore gas and oil potential of Cyprus?

Any thoughts?


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2 responses

  1. Dr Alf poses an important question.

    Europe does not appear to have a logical or effective energy policy or even a strategic one.

    The policy seems to be geared around the premise that Global Warming/Climate Change exists and that dealing with it is more important than creating economic growth,competitiveness, exports and jobs.
    The Russian Academy of Sciences, the Chinese, Brazilian and Indian Governments and people like Professor Richard Lindzen of MIT, the world’s top oceanographer, do not believe in Global Warming nor Climate Change but rather in a process of global cooling.

    1 million square miles of Arctic ice is back and Antarctic ice is now 25% thicker, Polar Bear numbers have quadrupled and Antarctic ice now covers a larger area.

    The latest IPCC report shows that there has been no global warming at all since 1996 and its compilers debated how to explain this anomaly prior to publication before arriving at the idea of a “15 year pause” as an explanation that would buy them time to come up with more convincing evidence. After this 15 year period has elapsed we are then supposed to believe that the polar ice which has now returned will once again dissipate due to “man made global warming” caused by rising populations and increased economic activity.

    The UK Government, for each of the past 8 years, has had reports on its desk attesting to the fact that we are in reality cooling but because of the lies it has told repeatedly about climate change it is forced, even after the Climategate Scandal and the manipulation of data by the University of East Anglia’s climate change department, to go on talking about climate change as if it were real.

    Occasionally, you will hear from people like Sir David Attenborough and Professors Nurse and Beddington about “Climate Change” and also from the BBC and Prince Charles.

    From the George Monbiot’s of this world, we hear little or nothing but now with Lord Lawson and his foundation we are beginning to get the voice of reason from someone who is difficult to rubbish.

    The UK’s policy is the same as Europe’s which is to allow energy prices to rise, thus forcing industry to offshore itself in cheaper locations and people to lead impoverished lives in all places outside of Germany within the present EU.

    This process enriches the top 1/10th of 1% of the wealthiest people in the UK and Europe but makes life impossible or more difficult for everyone else to the point where their life expectancy will fall rapidly, something which has already happened in the UK where our life expectancy after NHS treatment is amongst the worst in Western Europe.

    Importing other people’s expensive energy creates taxes in the form of VAT and allows the money which should be spent on developing fracking and nuclear power to be squandered on other things.

    The process of impoverishment of the vast mass of people is part of a process of using “personal carbon footprints” to restrict energy use,curtail economic growth and effect population reduction fro 7 billion people down to less than 1 billion,the endgame for organisations such as the Black Nobility, the Club of Rome, the Bilderbergers, the Sierra Club, the Grand Druid Council and their front organisations such as Greenpeace ,The Worldwide Fund for Nature,the Optimum Population Trust,the Alimentarius Commission and the Cult of GAIIA which is now headed up by the neo Malthusian Mikhael Gorbachev although it was originally founded by Professor James Lovelock.

    The impossibility of reconciling the objectives of growth and job creation with the concept of the “Greenest Government ever” has already been too much for George Osborne who knows that there has to be some growth if the Conservatives or the Coalition are to stand any chance of winning the next General Election.

    David Cameron is also caught in the same dilemma which explains his outbursts of “cut the green crap” in relation to pre electoral policymaking.

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